Sound and Vision

Art Us Co, 10000 Research Blvd #141, Austin, TX

Sound and Vision: Each artist picks a song by a local musician to inspire and inform their creative process. We'll be showcasing a time lapsed video of the artist's process along with music at our reception indoors. Outdoors live music will begin at 7PM.

Artists and Musicians are the foundation of the lovely eclectic Austin culture that we all love. As the cost of living in Austin continues to rise, it is more important than ever that we support the people who helped create the wonderful and unique culture of this city. Since this is an event of generosity, we do require the purchase of tickets to help pay a living wage to our musicians, as well as for the cost of the event.

The art work will be for sale, and the proceeds will benefit both the musician and artist as well as HAMM, and ArtUSCo who both have missions of supporting artists in Austin.

There will also be live performances by Shawn Pander and Mandy Rowden on the lawn outside at ArtUSCo with sound provided by our generous sponsors Girl Guitar, Art Direct, and Kerbey Lane Cafe. You are invited to bring the whole family and a picnic over to enjoy an evening experience that captures the spirit of Austin.