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Talking Shop with Mandy Rowden and Tone Talk - Guitar Girl Magazine

"Absolutely solid stuff." -  Sleeping Bag Studios

"Even better than it's predecessor...Rowden carves out her own territory with likable, unaffected vocal work, strong alt-country melodies, and lyrics that avoid clichés while capturing life’s small details." - No Depression 

"Sometimes a twang runs so deep that it sounds as if it might extend not just from a singer’s mouth, body, and soul, but from several layers down into the earth itself. Singer-songwriter Mandy Rowden is gifted with just such a twang." - Lone Star Music

"...when you can deliver a vocal that suggests much of the attraction in the vocals of Lucinda Williams, then you have something of an open road ahead...Well worth having this release in your collection." -

"Rowden is more than your average country singer and a country mile beyond your average Americana performer." - Bluesbunny

'These Bad Habits' voted #2 Album of the Year in the Austin Chronicle Music Awards.

"Right up there in Lucinda Williams territory." - No Depression

"An Americana Sheryl Crow? Mandy Rowden has the talent, chops, and charisma to go there." - Austin Chronicle

"Cool middle-of-the-road pop with a friendly warm vibe...Rowden has an image and sound that could easily appeal to millions of music fans." -

Exclusive interview with Hollywood Digest

"'When That Day Comes' is a collection of warm, engaging songs about life and loss. Its easy pace and vulnerable lyrics roll out a welcome mat of raw, emotional accessibility revealing a world textured by hurt and hope alike." - Bozone, Bozeman, MT

"On her debut album, These Bad Habits, Rowden tells it like it is over a wiry brand of alt-country, singing in a low-key, sleepily sensual voice that calls to mind Kim Richey or Lucinda Williams." - Charleston City Paper

"Kicks butt with her pen." - Austin Chronicle 

"Mandy Rowden's voice is the sonic equivalent of a thousand-yard stare. She can turn any song into something that's road-beaten and worn around the edges...Rowden excels at writing hooks that will take up residency in your brain." - Adobe and Teardrops

"Rowden possesses gorgeously nuanced vocals, which she wraps easily around verses baring emotions at once intensely personal and fully relatable." - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

"She’s more than a talented musician, teacher and entrepreneur. She’s just plain cool." - Austin Woman Magazine

"Most of Mandy Rowden’s 34 years have been spent fighting her east Texas influences, but the nothing short of classic Americana." - Jackson Hole News and Guide

"The East Texas Native writes powerfully strong songs, showing a skill that leaves a person awestruck." - Talk Nerdy With Us

Mandy Rowden Music News: Singer Reveals Which 'These Bad Habits' Track Was 'Liberating' To Pen, Plus Girl Guitar's Start & Future - Enstars Magazine

"Rowden drawls the song out with jaded, heavy-lidded weariness and simmering frustration that could easily come from an American Aquarium record." - Adobe and Teardrops